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Status: REJECTED (Class is full)
Submitted on: Jul 30, 2016 at 09:52 PM
Current Server


Race and Class
Human Priest

29 Tag


Were you referred by a current guild member? If so, who?

WoW Progress

Why do you want to join KLS?

Solid progression and raid times are good for me

What are you interested in doing?

Progression Raiding

What kind of player/person are you? What are your interests/hobbies? What do you do to pass the time outside of WoW? Tell us about yourself.

I'm easy to get along with . I try to help guild members out where i can. I'll do the healing assignments other people may be hesitant to do. I mainly play WoW for progression raiding but still enjoy running mythic dungeons. Been enjoying BGs. Outside of WOW, I was playing a lot of Overwatch. I'm into Anime as well. Currently watching Fairy Tail. Other than that I may watch a movie with friends or check out streams on Twitch.

The following questions are for those interested in our Progression Raid Team only. If you are not interested in this team, just click submit at the bottom of the page.

What is your character's main role?


Can you play a secondary role?

I prefer to only play my main role

If you can play a secondary role, on a scale of 1-10, how good are you at your secondary role in comparison to your main role?


How long have you been playing WoW? Have you ever taken a break from it?

Been playing since early vanilla. Didn't play in Cata. Took a break from raiding in HFC after lack of sleep due to my current guilds raid times caught up to me.

Please link your warcraftlogs:

Raided on my paladin Nyraina. Don't have any recent logs. Its been several months since I've played.

What are your raiding goals?

I'd like to progress through mythic before the next tier comes out while having fun doing it.

Which addons do you consider essential to your raiding success?

DBM, Grid2, Tellmewhen/Weak Auras

Do you have your Legendary Ring? If "no," how close are you to getting it?

My paladin has hers. Nazyk doesn't, he was an alt I didn't play often prior to pre-patch. I tend to focus most of my time on my main. I've never been one to play multiple characters. I'll be shelving the paladin and playing the priest in Legion as my main

Our current raid nights are Thursday/Sunday 7-10pm and Saturday 9pm-12am CST. Are you able to attend, on time, and stay until the end of the raid, at least 80% of the time?

These times are are perfect for me. Barring any suprise RL emergencies, I should have no problem maintaining full attendance.

Can you make a heroic raid Friday 7-10pm, CST, for an evaluation?


Do you own a microphone?


Will you communicate verbally on ventrilo when it is necessary?

Yes, I have no problem with communicating in vent. I'm to the point and relevant to whats going on in the fight. As a healer it's usually about raid or tank CD's.

If you are currently not on Sargeras-US, would you consider transferring servers if you find us to be a good fit?

I'm on Sargeras.

What is your previous/current raiding experience, both during Warlords of Draenor and prior to Warlords of Draenor?

Vanilla: All content but 4H, Sapphrion, and Kel'Thuzad. BC: All content except Kil'Jeaden Wrath: All content up to and including eroic Putricid. MoP: All content prior to heroic Black Fuse. WoD: All up to Mythic Kilrog

Why do you want to leave your current guild or why did you leave your previous guild?

The raid times leave me with little sleep. I stuck it out for a long time due to them being a fun guild and having people I enjoyed playing with. Eventually it caught up to me and i chose to take a break from the game rather then immediately look for a new guild.

What are your class strengths and weaknesses? In which HFC fights do these have the most impact?

As a paladin our strengths were fights where few people at a time took moderate to heavy damage, especially the tanks. We are amazing single target healers and had great tank CD's. Fights where the raid is spread and/or multiple people take moderate to heavy damage is where we suffered. The current state of paladins fair worse in raid healing than before patch. As a holy priest, with the current patch in mind, I feel like we can single target and raid heal well. Holy has always been strong at group healing.

Do you often suffer from computer/internet issues (high ping, disconnects, internet outages, computer freezes, lag, etc)?

Not really, no

Is there anything else you want to share with us?

I'm swapping from my paladin to my priest. With the new changes paladin's aren't that fun to me. I've been healing since early MoP and i enjoy it. I'm working on getting my priest ready for Legion. The only thing he's lacking is a few points in tailoring.

Most importantly...



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After discussing with our other officers we have determined that we are already pushing the limit on our healers and you would likely have to sit out regularly. Due to this, we decided to decline the application now so that you still have sufficient time to find another guild. Aside from our heavy healer roster, your paladin's logs were quite good (several 97%+) and I have no doubt that you will be able to find a raiding guild for legion.

I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your interest in KLS.

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