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Submitted on: Apr 08, 2016 at 05:31 PM
Race and Class
Night Elf Druid

22 Tag


Were you referred by a current guild member? If so, who?


What are you interested in doing?

Progression Raiding

What kind of player/person are you? Tell us about yourself...

I'm a 22 year old IT student currently living in Bellingham. Just moved here from Alaska. I follow a lot of twitch streams and hang out on Reddit a lot. Besides that I work at an airport, so I have really nice flight benefits. I spend a lot of my free time on WoW, but I also go to the gym regularly and enjoy the very occasional rum and coke. I also spend a lot of time in the community, mostly to bullshit in my free time. I'm mainly looking for a good guild community to raid mythic and possibly have a home for Legion.

The following questions are for those interested in our Progression Raid Team only. If you are not interested in this team, just click submit at the bottom of the page.

What is your character's main role?


Can you play a secondary role?


If you can play a secondary role, on a scale of 1-10, how good are you at your secondary role in comparison to your main role?


Do you have your Legendary Ring? If "no," how close are you to getting it?

Yes. Restoration 783 ilvl, Balance 735 ilvl

Our current raid nights are Thursday/Sunday 7-10pm and Saturday 9pm-12am CST. Are you able to attend at least 80% of the time?


Can you make a heroic raid Friday 7-10 server for an evaluation?


Do you own a Mic / Capable of communicating in Ventrilo?


If you are currently not on Sargeras-US, would you consider transferring servers if you find us to be a good fit?


What is your previous/current raiding experience?

My previous raiding experience has been on and off since Burning Crusade. I raided Black Temple for a while and had the server first kill on Aerie Peak. Besides that, no other high notable achievements. My current experience in WoD was very little normal HM raiding, and a lot of HFC heroic/mythic raiding. I'm currently 5/13 mythic with a lot of sub 10% wipes on Iskar.

Why do you want to leave your current guild?

I don't have a guild at the moment.

What are your class strengths and weaknesses?

As a restoration druid I believe I can provide a raid with good aoe-cooldowns such as tranquility and heart of the wild rejuv spam. Genesis is also a great raid heal, so I would say these are my strengths in a raid. As a druid I also have a lot of utility with Vortex/Typhoon and a lot of mobility with Dash/Roar/Blink. My weaknesses as a druid are that restoration does not pair well with certain healer comps. Just like multiple disc priests in a raid. However I believe I'd be an important asset to a raid team because as a player I am able to learn from my mistakes quickly. I have been playing the same druid for a long time, and I feel like I could change my playstyle depending on what the team needed.

Do you often suffer from computer/internet issues?


Is there anything else you want to share with us?

I have really sick transmog, seriously check it out.

Most importantly...




Checking through your logs, you were raiding with your previous guild as of last tuesday, so the question stands, and I'm personally curious for other reasons: Why did you leave your previous guild?
90% of the reason I left was because they were struggling with pugs every raid time. I wanted to be part of a team, not a guild that pugged 5 players for their 20man composition.

They had some drama going on tuesday/wednesday I really didn't want to be a part of it. This pushed me over the edge and I let them know I wasn't going to be showing up on their thursday raiding session until they sorted it out and figured out the team situation.
Added you to Bnet \o/

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